Landeshauptstadt Dresden - 09.02.2022 15:33:14 Uhr 02.12.2022 09:32:28 Uhr

Call to form a human chain 2022

Remembrance for a future of peaceful cooperation in diversity

On 13th February each year, we remember the destruction of Dresden just a few months before the end of the Second World War. This harrowing event has for decades shaped the culture of remembrance in our city. Today, the descendant generations wrestle with interpretations in the search for a shared remembrance geared to the future of the city – remembrance which is fed from many different perspectives on the 77th anniversary of the bombing of Dresden.

The memory is a reminder for us to work together – in the present and in the future – to ensure that crimes against humanity are never committed again, that peaceful cooperation in diversity is able to succeed here and throughout the world.

To us, this vigilance includes accepting a diversity of outlooks and interpretations, without discriminating others on the basis of their religion, sexual orientation, cultural practices, language or world view. It also means welcoming those who come here seeking protection and a life in peace and justice. And it means respecting the diverse interpretations of our city’s history and not fighting for an all-embracing prerogative of interpretation, instead promoting an open and controversial dialogue within the framework of our free and democratic order.
In remembrance of the date 13th February in our city, we are joining hands to send out a signal from Dresden, for a future of peaceful cooperation in diversity. We do so also in recollection of the first civil call to quiet remembrance at the ruins of the Frauenkirche in 1982, forty years ago, issued by a group of young people with pacifist convictions, who subsequently endured political reprisals as a result. Thousands of citizens took part in that demonstration for peace. In quiet remembrance on this day, the streets of the city belong to all of us who stand up for humanity, democracy and our joint responsibility for our community.

Let us come together in this spirit on 13th February.