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Call for February 13th, 2019

“Divided History – a future together“

A common call for February 13, 2019

Together with the city council, representatives from economy, science, culture, arts, sports, trade unions, churches, the Jewish community and other civic participants, the Mayor of State Capital Dresden invites everyone in Dresden to join in powerful action on February 13, 2019.

On the occasion of the air strikes on Dresden on February 13 to 15, 1945, we remember the victims of the destruction of our city as well as the crimes of National Socialism and war. Only those who ascertain the past critically, to then use this knowledge to face the challenges of today, can master the future in a responsible manner.

It remains our ongoing task to keep the memory of the events from February 13 to 15 alive. There are different views about the historical events and every person has their own story. Nonetheless and precisely for this reason, we should share our views and communicate with one another, in order to form a common attitude as the basis for the actions of many. In convergence processes of this kind, some events are repressed and forgotten, while others are amplified and highlighted. Private and public, national and international views of history can thereby lead to conflicts between people with different origins, from different social backgrounds and different nations. However, in order to shape the future of our city together, reconciliation is needed and the allowance of all these different perspectives based on constitutional law. Despite our differences, this one task unites us all.

We support all initiatives and organisations in our city that dedicate themselves beyond this day: In remembering what happened, in their commitment to freedom, democracy and human rights, in peaceful resistance against any form of violence.

Participate in the events that follow this call and that are offered in our city on February 13, 2019. Come join the human chain and offer your contribution, hand in hand. The event opens at 17:00 at City Hall in front of the golden gate, joining together at 18:00. 

The opening event “Human Chain“ at Goldene Pforte (City Hall)

Assembly Leader: Prof. Müller-Steinhagen

  • Musical opening – Peter Cornelius: "Requiem - Seele, vergiss sie nicht"
    University Choir of Dresden conducted by Christiane Büttig
  • The Mayor’s speech, Dirk Hilbert
  • The Rector of TU Dresden’s speech, Prof. Dr. Hans Müller-Steinhagen

Move to form the human chain 17:30

Joining of the human chain 18:00

The human chain opens again at 18:13 amidst the ringing of church bells

Call by the working group for February 13th, 2019 first signed by:

Dirk Hilbert, Oberbürgermeister der Landeshauptstadt Dresden

Prof. Dr. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, Rektor der TU Dresden

Dr. Nora Goldenbogen, Jüdische Gemeinde zu Dresden

Norbert Büchner, Dompfarrer der Kathedrale Ss. Trinitatis zu Dresden

Albrecht Nollau, Superintendent Kirchenbezirk Dresden-Nord

Christian Behr, Superintendent Kirchenbezirk Dresden-Mitte

Angelika Behnke, Stiftung Frauenkirche Dresden

Philipp Maurer, CDU-Fraktion im Dresdner Stadtrat

Thorsten Schulze, Fraktion BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN im Dresdner Stadtrat

Vincent Drews, SPD-Fraktion im Dresdner Stadtrat

Jens Genschmar, FDP/FB-Fraktion im Dresdner Stadtrat

Dr. Margot Gaitzsch, Fraktion DIE LINKE im Dresdner Stadtrat

Holger Hase, Denk Mal Fort! e. V. – Die Erinnerungswerkstatt Dresden

André Schnabel, DGB Dresden, Regionsbüro Dresden

Dr. Christian Demuth, Bürger.Courage e. V.

Matthias Neutzner, MEMORARE PACEM – Gesellschaft für Friedenskultur e. V.

Günter Baumgart, Neustädter Kreis

Olaf Behrends, Handwerkskammer Dresden

Dr. Hans-Joachim Jäger, Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Frauenkirche Dresden e. V.

Lars Fiehler, IHK Dresden

Dr. Peggy Renger-Berka, AG Kirche für Demokratie und Menschenrechte

Dietmar Groschischka, Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V.

Anett Dahl, Stadtjugendring e. V.

Robert Kusche, RAA Sachsen

Lars-Detlef Kluger, Stadtsportbund Dresden

Heidrun Hannusch, Friends of Dresden e. V.

Dr. Uta Neidhardt, Dresdner Geschichtsverein e. V.

Eter Hachmann, Ausländerrat Dresden

Eric Hattke, #WOD weltoffenes Dresden

Dr. Joachim Klose, Moderator der AG 13. Februar