Landeshauptstadt Dresden - 09.02.2023 12:56:50 Uhr 06.12.2023 01:04:32 Uhr

Working Group for February 13th – 2023 Human Chain Appeal:


We commemorate 13 February 1945 by remembering the millions who died under the Nazi regime. We are aware of the role played by our city in those crimes against humanity. Our commemoration represents our continuous commitment to peace and also serves as a reminder of the effects of war. At the same time, we are challenged every day to campaign for a peaceful and humane society without racism and anti-Semitism. We are all responsible for our city and the society in which we live. Despite our many differences, we are united by our respect for the dignity of every human being and our commitment to a democratic and pluralistic society. Our collective memory of February 1945 has sadly become all the more topical in recent months; the global crises and the war of aggression in Ukraine – in violation of international law – add even greater relevance to our commemoration. A commemoration that is ultimately intended to serve as a reminder of the need for peace. We support all organisations and initiatives in our city whose commitment stretches well beyond these days in remembering what happened, in standing up for peace, democracy and human rights, and in offering peaceful and non-violent resistance to extremism. Peace and freedom should not be taken for granted. By commemorating 13 and 14 February 1945 in 2023, Dresden will be making a stand against war, hate and violence and championing the cause of peace and freedom in Europe and the rest of the world.