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Working group for February 13th

Working group for February 13th

The working group for February 13th was first called by the then mayor of Dresden, Helma Orosz, in 2009 with the aim of getting important social groups to agree on a common approach concerning the anniversary of the destruction of Dresden in 1945. On the one hand, February 13th is the day for commemorating the war and the destruction caused through it; on the other hand, it is also used for a protest against right-wing extremists who want to abuse the day to vent their inhuman ideology. As a result of discussions, the first working group resolved that a human chain would be created on February 13th, 2010. On that first time a total of 17,000 people participated in the event sending a powerful signal of peace and reconciliation. Since then, the working group for February 13th has organised the human chain in the Dresden city centre every year. 

Members of the Working group for February 13th

Moderation: Dr. Joachim Klose


  • Frauenkirche Dresden (Church of Our Lady)
  • Superintendent Kirchspiel Dresden Neustadt
  • Domkirchgemeinde Dresden
  • Superintendent der Evangelischen Kirche Dresden

Jewish community

  • Jüdische Gemeinde zu Dresden

Political parties

  • Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen
  • Fraktion Die LINKE
  • CDU-Fraktion
  • FDP/FB-Fraktion
  • SPD-Fraktion
  • AfD-Fraktion
  • Fraktion Freie Wähler


  • Dresden Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Dresden Chamber of Crafts

Science and Research

  • TU Dresden – University Management

Civil society

  • DGB Region Dresden
  • MEMORARE PACEM. Gesellschaft für Friedenskultur e.V.
  • Neustädter Kreis
  • Bürger Courage e. V.
  • Volksbund Deutscher Kriegsgräberfürsorge
  • Stiftung Frauenkirche Dresden
  • Friends of Dresden e. V.
  • Evangelische Erwachsenenbildung Sachsen
  • AG Kirche für Demokratie
  • Stadtjugendring Dresden e.V.
  • Ausländerrat e.V.
  • #WOD - weltoffenes Dresden


  • Stadtsportbund Dresden e.V.


  • Performing Arts Hellerau

Dresden City Administration

  • Mayor