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13 February 2021: lest we forget!

Every year on 13 February, the people of Dresden and numerous actors from civil society come together to commemorate the city’s destruction in World War II. Their common goal is to promote peace and denounce war and violence. The commemorative event for 13 February 1945 will take place again in 2021, albeit under completely different circumstances due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The working group for February 13th has come to an agreement with representatives from Dresden’s churches, as well as volunteers and civil-society actors for Dresden’s culture of remembrance, the city’s cultural institutions and memorials, and various clubs, associations and initiatives.

In view of the extremely tense situation in the midst of the pandemic, the working group for February 13th has agreed to celebrate this year’s event without the usual human chain in Dresden city centre. Instead, the working group for February 13th is planning a small-scale commemoration on the evening of 13 February with the mayor and the rector of the Dresden University of Technology. This will be followed by a commemorative concert held by the Dresden Philharmonic, which will be streamed live from the Kulturpalast.

“In view of the extraordinary situation, I urge the people of Dresden to stay at home this year and join the working group for February 13th in symbolically commemorating the victims of war and tyranny. I would like to thank the members of the working group for February 13th for their commitment in these especially challenging times”, said Mayor Dirk Hilbert.

“We cannot just cancel our commemorative event for 13 February. Despite the difficulties presented by the current situation, we want to hold dignified events. But our main priority is to ensure everyone’s well-being. That’s why we are working closely with the working group for February 13th and other cultural, religious and social institutions to develop suitable concepts that will allow the people of Dresden to participate in various activities and experience the city’s culture of remembrance while continuing our efforts to curb the pandemic”, explained Annekatrin Klepsch, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Culture and Tourism, who has been representing the mayor within the working group for February 13th since 2020.